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Bringing Japanese wisdom to the world

In Japan, where it is easy to feel the changes of the four seasons, people have traditionally valued living according to the seasons.

We have been cherish what grows in the land, appreciate nature, and enjoy the blessings of the season at our daily table.

The wisdom of managing one’s physical condition through one’s own efforts has been passed down from generation to generation from parents to children.

I believe that the wisdom of the Japanese people is also useful for people living outside of Japan.

You can learn the wisdom of the Japanese people.
It is a breathing technique based on oriental health philosophy.

This is a Japanese culture that have been cultivated over a long period of time.

I hope that your life will become more energetic and happy by Japanese cultures.

※Breathing techniques will be delivered as video teaching materials to the email address you applied for.

1,Breathing techniques

Learn breathing techniques that change your regular breathing to one that cleanses your body.


1. Preparation exercises for breathing exercises

2. Basic standing & basic breathing

3. ten law guidance method

4. 十法導引法

5. Explanation of the “息”

【Time】60 minute video seminar

【Price】 8,800 yen (tax included in Japanese yen)

2,Dietary therapy

Learn the way of thinking about meals that the Japanese people cherish.


1. What is a diet that is in line with nature?

2. What is the身土不二?

3. What is the 一物全体?

4.Have a yin-yang(陰と陽) perspective

5. You are what you eat

【Time】60 minute video seminar

【Price】 8,800 yen (tax included in Japanese yen)

3、Breathing techniques&Dietary therapy

Learn two methods: breathing techniques & diet therapy.

You can learn the contents of each of the above seminars.

Breathing method: 60 minute video seminar
Diet therapy: 60 minute video seminar

15,000 yen (tax included in Japanese yen)


Please take advantage of this wonderful wisdom in your daily life.

I am happy to share this wisdom with you.

If you have any problems or would like to discuss something, please send a message to the email address below.

From Japan, I hope that your everyday life will be more energetic and happy.